A summary of the past few days: 2 towns, 4 frocks, a beer festival (twice), 4 pubs (twice) and multiple trains. One, just one bigot, who is a known problem, I dealt with him and he left the pub. That’s it. I’m out there.

I’ll add that my transition has zero GP support and no regional NHS help. I have had to help myself and accept that there may be risks. Also a minimum of 4 years before the Tavistock And Portman Trust (Gender Clinic) see me, possibly never in this political climate. Healthcare?? Nope. As of April 2024, the Tavi was seeing Dec 2018 referrals! My referral is mid 2022 so I have a way to go still, but an adult starting in the system now would have years before first assessment and maybe another year before HRT & blockers (after “therapy” probably). In what other area of medical care would this be allowed to happen?

.I’m not unique, but why is it acceptable to ignore my medical needs? I have my GP’s refusal to prescribe HRT and blockers in writing.  I asked for a different GP – ignored. So I do my own thing, despite the potential risk.

For those who don’t know, my original gatekeeper interview & approval was lost by my GP. I missed years because I thought I was in a queue. Now I may, eventually, be assessed again.

This isn’t acceptable.

I’ll be in my 60s by the time I get an appointment to confirm what I know. I have to take some responsibility for my transition later than I would have wanted but my GP was aware in 2012 and it was in my paper medical records in 2007! I didn’t hide this fact from professionals.

When I finally decided to take action, although transition wasn’t immediately planned, I  told my then GP that I was trans. “I know” was their answer. I was let down by my next GP and the local Trust. I do everything in writing now. What other area of healthcare would this be required?

So, I’m on my own, medically speaking, for now and for the foreseeable future. It’s clear that some would baulk at the wait.