I’m always taking photos whilst I’m out & about but perhaps more so than the average person? I look after a clutch of websites & social media accounts for community & charity groups locally so I could be photographing an event or getting library shots that I might use at a later date. If I know I will need high resolution images I’ll grab my Canon DSLR and use that alongside a phone camera. The DSLR gives me the benefit of a better image with optical zoom, although I (usually) have to wait until I get home to download the DSLR images.

Harwich is blessed with 4 beaches, several proms, a public pier and a public quayside, so access to the river estuary and sea is easy. Every day something is happening on the water, so it’s useful to have the decent camera with me when perhaps the interesting ship is the other side of the river, over a mile away!

This is the Majestic Maersk, pictured by me in May 2013 on her maiden arrival in Felixstowe. At the time she was the first Triple-E container vessel and the largest of her type in the world. Her arrival in Felixstowe created a flurry of media activity on the Suffolk side of the estuary. I waited until dark then took my DSLR and tripod down to Harwich promenade and captured this image. It subsequently appeared on the BBC New site plus the New York Times via the (now defunct) Demotix picture agency.  I was, at the time, an NUJ (National Union of Journalists) member in the photojournalism section. I have no idea how many of my photos have appeared in newspapers or on news media websites over the years, it probably runs to 500+.

Earlier today (26 May 2024) I was darting between Harwich Quay and an event (a few streets away) and took a load of images. Firstly THV Alert is alongside the Trinity Pier whilst the new Thames Barge Blue Mermaid is on the pontoon, surrounded by private craft. There’s a few local boats on moorings in the foreground. The Suffolk Coast is in the distance, whilst Parkeston Quay is visible if you know where to look!

I couldn’t resist taking this one as the yellow seal watching boat takes a party of photographers and nature lovers around to Hamford Waters, between Dovercourt & Walton-on-the-Naze. The red ship is Lightvessel 19 and is awaiting deployment. The Suffolk Coast is in the distance, with Shotley Marina over the bow of the lightvessel.

THV Alert is entering the estuary as ‘First Light’ leaves the Estuary and heads into the North Sea under engine power. The background is the Felixstowe dockside, complete with cranes and stacks of containers.

‘Roxanna’ heads downstream, passing close to the Suffolk side of the river.

Sunday morning RNLI exercise in the fast rescue boat.

‘Seacat Liberty’ heading back to the Windfarm berth at Parkeston Quay.

Looking North East from Harwich Quay.

All images are, of course, © Shiraz Turvey. Please do not re-use without asking me first!