Going Green

I’ve had the right to vote for forty years but for 20 of those, as an employee of the government, I rarely used that right and that didn’t change much after I left, some 18 years ago. The polarisation of politics in the UK, particularly England, didn’t help. Locally there was a regular fight between the town council and district […]

Update – May 2024

It’s now 14 months since I transitioned and seemingly upset a few people! However, my life has continued without interruption. Lots happened back in March & April last year, starting with my name change and getting my NHS recordĀ  amended. Banks, HMRC/DWP, Ofcom and the District Council were amongst the bodies I needed to contact. This was really just bureaucracy […]

Cute me at 4!

I’ve come across this photo of 4 year old me several times over the last half century and recall, when I was about eight I tried to destroy a physical photo with a biro. Even by eight I was questioning my place in the world but didn’t want anyone to know about the photo. I am, now, rather pleased that […]

Passing – options & decisions

One aspect of my transition that I don’t often touch upon is that of ‘passing’. In short, I don’t try! I’ve been blonde for 6 years and have been growing it all that time, and more, so I didn’t make that change to pass – in fact it’s mostly tied back! Make-up is something I very rarely use. I carry […]