One aspect of my transition that I don’t often touch upon is that of ‘passing’. In short, I don’t try! I’ve been blonde for 6 years and have been growing it all that time, and more, so I didn’t make that change to pass – in fact it’s mostly tied back! Make-up is something I very rarely use. I carry lippy, mascara, powder etc but seldom have the urge to put any of it on. In fact the only things I do to my face daily are to shave closely & moisturise.

I’ve been getting my legs waxed for 6+ years as well, so that’s not new either. That brings me to clothing and shoes – the biggest change post-transition was to use my full wardrobe rather than the more ‘neutral’ styled tops & bottoms. Similarly footwear, that’s now chosen based on what else I’m wearing, plus where I’m going and (maybe) what the weather is like!

To put it all another way, I’m just myself, I’m not trying to be anyone else. Folk now see the real me, not a parody or an act!

Photo is from the Saturday (Star Wars Day – 4th May 2024) of Harwich Ale Trail, I had started the day in a black jumper & orange midi skirt but the weather turned very warm by midday, too warm for the jumper! That was peeled off to expose my vest. This was a new experience for me, I have never bared my shoulders (or exposed straps) previously. My hair had been tied up, for convenience, but I dropped it to soften the look …. and that was the full extent of my passing that day as I was not wearing any make-up. My role was event co-ordinator so I couldn’t have made an attempt to hide in the background that day, or indeed at any point of that weekend!

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