Young thoughts

It isn’t unusual for modern pre-teens to have questions about themselves, their environment, school or development. When I started to question myself it was the mid-1970s and I was ten years old at my local primary school. I didn’t have a sister but a girl next door was almost my age and we had used her dressing-up box since I […]

Looking back in time

Both of my “legacy” social media accounts were created some time before my transition but both had ‘Shiraz’ in the account name. One such platform (aka cesspit) reminded me that today that it’s the 12th anniversary of the account creation, so 11 years before transition, dating it to 20 March 2012. The other one dates to mid 2015 so is […]

My transition

I made a concious move to a feminine non-binary appearance in 2019 although this wasn’t a destination but rather another way-point on my journey to my eventual social & legal transition a year ago. I had known for 30+ years I needed to transition, so the outcome wasn’t in doubt. Four years of non-binary appearance meant that when I did […]