I made a concious move to a feminine non-binary appearance in 2019 although this wasn’t a destination but rather another way-point on my journey to my eventual social & legal transition a year ago. I had known for 30+ years I needed to transition, so the outcome wasn’t in doubt.

Four years of non-binary appearance meant that when I did transition the most common comment was “what took you so long?” I needed to be ready, in every sense, so timing was important to me. Lockdown helped grow my wardrobe and become confident.

Why didn’t I transition 30+ years ago? I had very early (dial up) internet access from 1992 and was able to research it but I was also working in Govt with security clearance and would have almost certainly lost my job. Money helps decision making!

Where am I now? I’m in an NHS queue and I’m a year+ away from my GRC. My GP won’t prescribe HRT/blockers (working on that!) so I have an independent supply. Legally everything has been done that doesn’t require a GRC, ie NHS, HMRC, Ofcom(!) & socials/financials.

Am I happy, oh yeah. I’m also fast approaching my 60th so I really couldn’t give a flying sh*t if someone feels threatened by me! My head is a long way above the parapet (I help organise public events!) so I’m out there!
This was MY decision and I’m ok with it!

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