My current writing project is the long-awaited third book in the Unaccounted Gains series, Diminishing Returns. That book takes priority over everything else and I’ve set myself a target of mid-May for third-party proofing – someone will be the lucky first reader!

Once UG3 is concluded I’ll turn to the next Tammyverse story. In this case it’ll be the Summer Diary that sits between Testing Times and Anchored, and I will give this diary the same treatment as the Easter Diary that forms part of Testing Times. My estimate is that it’ll be a 300+ page novel and should be expected during the northern hemisphere’s summer 2021. The Tammyverse Timeline guide explains how the stories slot together.

For those readers who catch the cutting edge serialised stories on Big Closet, the latest story ‘In A Spin‘ was published over three weeks in February 2021.