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Accountancy Can Be Deadly Spying By Numbers

My first Kindle offerings are in the Unaccounted Gains series, click the book covers above for more information. The books are full novel length. A third book is in production.

Tamara’s Debut was the first major story of the ‘Tommy & Tamara Tales’ series or ‘Tammy’s Tales‘ as it’s now known. Originally written in 2010 it was rebooted in 2014 and now runs to twelve books and in excess of a million words.

Following a major edit a Kindle release was published on 1st September 2020 but the unedited series can still be read in full on bigclosetr.us

The second Tammyverse Kindle release was Tamara’s First Christmas








Book 3 is part one of Tamara’s Trials

Book 4 is part two of Tamara’s Trials


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