The summer has arrived and I’m nearly 18 months down the line from my transition, whilst also 2 years on from my effective GIC referral date. So, time to take stock.

Firstly, zero has happened on the NHS front in the past year. This isn’t unexpected but it saddens me that my health isn’t being monitored. Of course, if something went ‘wrong’ then I would hope (and expect) the NHS to be available but right now my GP seemingly doesn’t want to handle me? Local issues mean that changing GP is difficult or even impossible.

I was told in a call on 13 March 2023 that my GP was unwilling to prescribe HRT & blockers. That situation wasn’t likely to change soon and recent politics has made the situation even more dire. Officially it would seem that I need to wait until the GIC approves medication. That could be a long wait as the GIC is current seeing referrals from December 2018 (!) for their first appointment. In June 2024 (latest figures) they saw 80 ‘new’ patients out of the 200 who registered in December 2018. I could be in for a very long wait at this rate.

Am I being impatient? You could say that but right now it could be 2027 or more likely 2030 before I see anyone officially! This isn’t healthcare! I’m fast approaching my 60th so age concerns will be brought into the equation regardless of my general health.

So, how is my body? I’ve lost weight, some 10kg in the past 18 months, and it’s stayed down. My ‘tummy’ is now flat. That has resulted in my dropping a dress size to 16. Meanwhile, for the last seven months I have secured a supply of blockers and HRT. This is not via the NHS, is not free but is the genuine products. That has resulted in my going from 38A to 36B … and hopefully onto 36C in a few more months. My skin is smoother, my hair is great and I’m comfortable … but I have had to undertake this myself, with the risks and without the monitoring.

“Waiting” is not an option as far as I’m concerned.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying the summer

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